Kagando Hospital is part of KARUDEC a health care and education project managed by the Church of Uganda based around Kagando Hospital, which serves the healthcare needs of a rural population of 350 000 people, and has 250 beds.

Kagando Hospital lies in the South-Eastern foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains on a small West-facing hill looking out across a fertile valley, 20 km from the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and 5 km North of the Equator.

The other side the hill looks out towards the Western Rift Valley, with the nearby Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kizinga Channel linking Lake George and Lake Edward.

Kagando Hospital is managed by a team, which includes the Chairman of The Friends of Kagando.

From left to right, Dr Rob Morris, Deputy Medical Director, Chairman of the UK charity, Friends of Kagando, Samson Baluku, Financial Controller, Canon Dr Benson Baguma, Executive Director, Rev Noah Masereka, Human Resources Manager, Rev Nason Mugisa, Hospital Chaplain, Dr Mary Munyagwa, Medical Director and Maate Enos – Project Administrator.

The map below gives the exact location of Kagando Hospital.