The motto of Kagando Hospital is GOD HEALS, WE CARE.

The ministry of the hospital is to bring health and healing to the community and the good news of Jesus through practical love and through the Word of God.

Our C100 project only started 3 years ago, however it has saved the lives of hundreds of children.

Friends of Kagando Trustee, Elizabeth Lunn shares the story of C100…

The project came about because many children were not being brought to the hospital dining at home, or were brought in for palliative, (end of life care) as the parents could not afford the cost of treatment.

Because of the scheme, which partly funds this provision, children are brought in early, treated and recover, this has seen admissions rise from 100 to 400 children a month.

The stark truth is many of these 300 children making up the increased admissions would simply have died at home before this scheme.

The hospital is run by the Church of Uganda and needs to cover the majority of its costs by charging for treatment. C100 funds this programme and so now only minimal charges are passed on to families, which makes treatment affordable, resulting in children arriving area, spending less time in the hospital and recovering to live full and happy lives.

There are many life threatening diseases, which are now being treated at an earlier stage:

  • malaria
  • typhoid
  • aids/HIV
  • malnutrition
  • chest infections

The aim of C100 is to find 100 people, who share our vision, and who will sponsor the children work at Kagando and give £25, or even £50 every month, however as every £1 is passed on directly to the children work, every £1 or a one off gift helps.

We have been measuring the impact of the C100 scheme.

Before the scheme a family, whose child was being treated for a chest infection might have stayed in hospital for 10 days, at a cost of 30,000 UGS per day, a cost of £60. The family income is 70p per day making this an impossibly high cost.

The C100 allows this bill to be reduced to a flat fee of £6.

The effect of the scheme has been amazing.

Currently (October 2018) 500-600 children are admitted each month.

Parents knowing they can afford the treatment bring their children in earlier, reducing the average stay to 3 days.

However, more funding is always required, the paediatric ward is very full, often running at 120% capacity, patients share beds or extra mattresses are placed on the floor.

The community are also very grateful, it seems that local people are always thanking us for this project, which when one considers the indescribable pain of loosing a child is entirely understandable.. 

Dr Mary is the paediatrician. and there are usually trainee doctors on the ward to assist.

Thanks to The Friends of Kagando, often there are UK doctors visiting and either gaining experience or training and sharing best practice.

The Friends of Kagando are very grateful for many single donations to this scheme which have helped maintain it. There are currently 68 sponsors and we are always looking for more people to come forwards with a regular gift to save the lives of children. As Dr Chris Harris, one of the Trustees of The Friends of Kagando has commented, £ for £ there is no more effective way to save lives.

We currently send £2500 per month to support this work, but that is only about half of the amount the scheme is costing.

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