Friends of Kagando is a UK based charity set up in 2003 to support Kagando Hospital with financial support, prayer, communication and visits. We have also provided help with clinical, technical, management, educational, pastoral and fund-raising expertise.

All the money we receive from organisations and individuals is passed on to the hospital through safe channels, and with due accountability.

The Trustees are responsible for the direction and delivery of the support we give to the hospital. We come from a variety of backgrounds, with technical and administrative expertise as well as medical. Many of us have spent time at Kagando, either long term or on visits.

Why are we needed?

  • The running costs of the hospital cannot be covered by patient charges. There is some input from the government, but the hospital needs income support to train and retain good staff
  • The hospital is in a poor rural area and many people simply cannot afford to pay for treatment. We support the C100 project which caps payments for children admitted to the hospital, and also the compassion fund which allows the very poor to receive the treatment they need.
  • Costly items such as medical equipment and vehicles don’t last for ever and need replacing
  • The staff and the community really value our interest, our prayers, and our visits

Our Aims

  • To live up to the motto of the hospital – We care: God heals – by promoting high standards of compassionate medical care which is accessible to the whole community, and also high standards of management
  • To support development and training of both medical and ancillary staff through a Bursary Fund to ensure the future growth of the hospital
  • To raise awareness of the area and the hospital and to provide information to anyone interested in supporting or visiting Kagando
  • To work towards reducing dependency on outside donations by financing projects which will help the hospital become self sufficient
Visiting UK Dr Teaching patient with COPD how to use coke bottle as spacer
Medical student listening to chest
Liz always enjoys time on the children’s ward