News came yesterday (9th May) of terrible landslides in the Kasese area around Kagando caused by 12 hours of very heavy rain. So far we know of 13 people who have died, including 3 children in one family when their house collapsed under the force of the landslide.
At lease 50 houses have been completely destroyed and many others damaged, and many crop fields have been devastated.
Kagando hospital has also been affected, and the Executive Director Canon Uzziah writes
‘The hospital is also experiencing shortage of water because the sources in the hills have been broken by landslides and the Rwembyo intake is clogged by sand and other debris. The river water is still too high for any works to be executed. We are therefore in a temporary crisis, but will also need resources to repair the broken sources. There is only enough water in the tanks for 2 days
Please uphold our neighbours in prayer’

Your help no matter how small can make a real difference: it can feed the hungry, provide shelter and clothe the homeless, can comfort those who mourn, help restore vital water supplies to the hospital and nearby community.

It will enable hospital staff to do this work: to reach out to the needy with food and provisions. Staff will offer support and address the necessary health concerns as they arise.

Any donations will be very gratefully received, either through this website or by following the just giving link below.