Lorna Williams is raising money for C100 which supports the fees for children admitted to Kagando hospital. She has now completed her ambitious objective of reaching the summit of Margherita Peak in the Rwenzori mountains then cycling for 2 weeks in southern Uganda.

Lorna says

2 big glaciers, needing crampons and an ice axe! The glacier is shrinking rapidly over last 10 years. I have to say that it is truly the toughest thing I have ever done! I experienced mild altitude sickness when we went up 4800 m. We were due to go to the summit at 0100 hours last Friday but there was a tremendous snow storm with strong winds. Too dangerous.   Fortunately we waited until 9am and went then … so glad we did it in daylight! 6 hours up 6 hours down. My Dutch friend did it quicker!”

After this fantastic achievement Lorna was able to visit Kagando, where she was welcomed very warmly by Canon Uzziah and the rest of the team and was shown round the hospital.

“Such a moving experience – it was very emotional. We visited the babies and the children, so many desperately sick …. because they are poor ….I really see the need for the C100.

This is an extremely impressive achievement, and it was particularly special that she was able to go to Kagando and see for herself how much difference her fund raising will make to families there.

If you would like to sponsor Lorna you can do this via her Just Giving page (below) or via the Friends of Kagando website.