Please support Lorna – she lives near us and is planning to undertake this challenge for C100 in March 2024. Dr Oli Penney

“Based in Herefordshire, I have recently retired from a lifetime in nursing, throughout my career I had the desire to work in Africa or where basic health care provision is limited. I now feel that I can do more to support a communty by raising funds to pay for this care to be provided.

Kagando Hospital serves a very poor area and parents often cannot afford hospital fees for their sick children. As a result many children die. I want to help with the C100 scheme which caps the amount they have to pay.

I have planned a personal challenge to cycle for 13 days through Uganda and an 8 day trek up to the highest peak of the Ruwenzori mountains (5200m).

Improving the lives of the children in Uganda is my motivation.”