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We are a UK based charity supporting the work of Kagando Hospital and Rural Development Centre, Kasese District, Western Uganda


The Friends

Friends of Kagando is a UK based charitable trust set up in 2003 and managed by a board of Trustees who are past long-term workers at Kagando or regular visitors. [Read More]

The Hospital

Kagando Hospital is part of KARUDEC a health care and education project managed by the Church of Uganda based around Kagando Hospital, which serves the healthcare needs of a rural population of 350 000 people, and has 250 beds. [Read more]

The Community

Kagando Hospital is at the heart of the local community. Jen Morris, one of The Friends of Kagando started the Nursery and Primary School, while Rita Miller runs projects bringing healthcare into the wider community.

We provided £300 000 of funding to Kagando Hospital in 2018


“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14  C100 is our childrens’ project it funds over 400 admissions per month, before C100 many of those children simply died. [Read more]


We are very proud to support the vital work done at Kagando Hospital by all of the nursing staff, which is why we send £3000 every month to fund 50 nursing posts at the hospital.

Support Staff

At The Friends of Kagando we are very aware of the role every single member of staff plays in creating a welcoming place, a hub for the community, whether medical or support, [Read more]


The Friends of Kagando have been involved in refurbishing and redecorating, both at the hospital, and in the local school. We also regularly fund the renewal and update of medical equipment.


The Friends of Kagando, not only raise funds, we pray for God’s provision for the hospital, we signpost medical students to Kagando for their electives, and we fund and send vital equipment  to the hospital.


Another practical way that The Friends of Kagando support the hospital and its staff is training, to reflect best practice. Training has allowed us to cut infant mortality by 80% and maintain the improvement. [Read more]

We also fund wider community and specialist projects

Ja Ja Day

As part of the care of children with HIV in the community around Kagando, there is a programme of inviting them all, from the tots to the teens, for a day out once a month.  It is called “Jajas Day”

[Read more here]

Womens' Health
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The Friends of Kagando work in partnership with the hospital to train staff, provide equipment and to fund community outreach work, running clinics and workshops in rural areas. Many of these clinics feature womens’ health workshops.

Mental Health

The Friends are always looking for new ways to support the work of Kagando Hospital, Friend Dr Maureen Wilkinson a clinical Psychiatrist has been working with the team at Kagando to deliver a healthcare programme for 117 clients

My Kagando Story

Some of our supporters share their stories of Kagando

The Hydro-electric Project

Our most ambitious project yet, to bring clean energy to Kagando and provide sustainable funding for the next 50 years…

We have a very clear and ambitious vision.

To supply clean, reliable, renewable energy to Kagando

Saving lives

With the surplus energy being sold to create an income stream to fund the hospital for the next 50 years.

Read more about our appeal here, and how you can get involved

In Jesus name…

Christ Centred

The Friends of Kagando are a Christ centred organisation; we base our actions on a simple question. ‘What Would Jesus Do?’

The answer to this question calls us to live a countercultural life, to do the things that Jesus did, to clothe the naked, feed the hungry and heal the sick.

God's Work, Our Hands

As we look around us at the world, including Kagando, our hearts break; to see such profound need, people living in poverty, Mothers with children who are profoundly sick… The need is great.

Our hope lies in Jesus. When we heal the sick, they may be our hands, but it if undoubtledly God’s work.

Church Based

Kagando Hospital is part of the Church in Uganda. Many of the Friends of Kagando are part of their local church communities; with many of those churches including the Friends of Kagando in their charitable giving.

If your church would be interested in hearing about our work, or supporting us, then please do get in touch.

Preaching & Teaching

Preaching and Teaching are central to life at Kagando. Hospital staff come together in the chapel, to pray, to worship, to listen, to learn, to grow in knowledge and in service.

Many Friends preach, teach and share their love of Jesus while visiting Kagando.


As a Christian organisation, we believe in the immense power of prayer, we are constantly reminded of the promise Jesus made in John 14: 13-14 “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” [Read more]


The Jesus that we follow did not just heal, he brought about a transformation of people, both physically and spiritually.

This is exactly what we are seeking to do, to be Jesus people, to heal the sick, to clothe the naked, and to totally transform lives physically and spritiually.

Our News

News and updates from The Friends of Kagando